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Personalized lessons for your child or group

30-60 minutes for an individual. 60-180 minutes for a group.  For ages over 5 usually.  contact Sally to schedule a day and time for a personal meeting.

2023 Note: I have limited availability and in most cases will only do personalized lessons for those who are currently or previously enrolled in Kindermusik

Music lessons:

Lessons are personalized and focus on broad based theory.  Using specialized techniques for young children and a variety of instruments (voice, piano, glockenspiel, recorder, dulcimer, ukeleli, vbells, and drums).  Lessons are planned but artfully structured to be fun.  Instruments are picked based on importance to theory, development of the child, child's interest, and parent request.  This process allows for an optimal learngin environment, creative deveopment, and continued child interest.

Arts lessons & extensions:  I also have classes and extensions for Kindermusik that focus on using visual and theatrical arts.  I do a variety of media and techniques.   Projects focus on a variety of development... creative experimentation, specific skill/media, and collaborative.

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