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  • Sally Dancy

Activities for Labor Day Break

Remember using Kindermusik AtHome (the materials that come with your class) ... both a perk & an important part of getting the most out of the Kindermusik experience!!

Kindermusik app is free to all and Level specific content (music, books, activity videos) is available once you are enrolled, class & account is active, and you are signed in.

Link to set up or access account

Link to set up app

Don't forget to use your favorite physical book, instrument you've received. If you haven't recieved your physical book & instrument yet go to the new post with the books & instruments for this month or for fall.

For crafts, activity sheets that enhance current Kindermusik experiences...

Play peekaboo and sew with scarves, tubes, & plates

Don't forget to make masks at home. I showed and gave examples of an easy way to use paper plates

Foundations & Level 1 & Mixed 0-2

Mixed age L2 (1-3yos) or Level 2 2-3

Mixed age L3 (2-5yos) or Level 3 3-4

Level 4&5

Explore from craft & library


And textures

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