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Activity sheets for AtHome

Updated: Feb 21

Kindermusik has so many ways for you to use music & movement not just in our classes but also EveRyDaY... APP & Website (see seporate post), physical books & instruments (see seasonal post), studio library with play sets& more (I'll be creating a new post next week), and now

NEW activity sheets & crafts (which I will discuss below).

A new addition from Kindermusik KIInternational are level & theme specific activity ideas and parent tips. You'll be able to pick these up in class every month.

Here in south Texas this time of year we have a lot of different kinds of weather & more time to see the stars. So as we sing songs about the night & weather try some of these ideas to do at home...

For babies...

For 1-2

For 2

For 3-4

For 3-5

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