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Activity Sheets- vehicles & travel

If you didn't pick one up in class, here are some vehicle activity & tip sheets

First up are tips for traveling with a toddler

Remember you can access music, books, video activities, even digital instruments where ever you are from the APP! For Foundtaions & Level one there are video field trips for vehicles (train for babies, airplane for L1)

Here's more AtHome ideas for Foundations..

For Level 1...

Llevel 2...

For all ages...

For Level 3-5....

For Level 4&5, lesson prep & KIMuscians...

We've been practicing "toot toot" this is work on the skills needed for wind instruments, reading the C on the staff, and finding the note on several instruments including the keyboard & harmonica or recorder (depending on your child's level/class)

Another fun thing to do is listen to different music (like from any streaming service you have) and see if you can match the composer to the music. Although the sheet below is of classical musicians, you can also do this with more contemporary works. Like over the last month we've listened to several Jazz musicians so you could listen & match Louis Armstrong, Mils Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Glen Miller, & even modern like Trombone Shorty & Jon Batiste.

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