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Albums, books, instruments for Fall

I still have some Aug & Sept books left.

But here's a reminder of what we'll use October & November

Everyone who enrolls (& sets up payment) for the fall gets one instrument & one book to keep. And of course you can access & stream all the albums & books for your age/level/class from your account while you are enrolled. See the post about account access and Kindermusik app on how.

Instead of an instrument all ages/levels can pick a scarf or mirror (safe, break resistant). Also I have some books on Faces, Emotions, Body parts for different age levels Playtime(Peekaboo with animals&faces), Head & Shoulders, How Do You Feel

For infants & babies - Foundations level/class

Albums: Busy Days, Nature Walk, Bluebird, Feathers, Peas & Carrots,

Books: include Off We Go, Peekaboo, Feathers, NightyNight (all board books)

December & winter preview: home & food themes including Pat-a-Cake and the Rhythm of my Day books food books not pictured yet but I'll try to get them posted soon)

board books for older babies & toddlers: WatchMe, In My Sandbox

For babies & toddlers Class/Level 1

Albums: Big Back Yard, Rain or Shine, Way Up High, Wiggle & Giggle, Yum

Board books: Watch me, In My Sandbox, Cookie Party

Heavy paper books: I See You, Watch Me, EencyWeency Spider/Rain or Shine

Instruments for both babies & young toddlers: include ritchratchet (as supplies last, discontinued), mini rainbow rainshaker, snail clacker

For older toddlers class/Level 2

Albums: Beach Days, Down on the Ground, Wiggles & Giggles, Marvelous Me, Time for Lunch

Books: Beach Days, Jingle Jangle Tambourine, The Listening Walk, At My House

Instruments that are best for 2&3 year olds: dolphin shaker, seashell clacker, zig zag blocks. Another extra for 2&3 year olds are activity book for those who can't or don't want to use digital activities. Other options for those who don't want to stream digital materials is the studio library which includes CD's, play sets, craft & game kits.

(See studio library post for more)

Preschoolers Class/Level3

Albums: Splash, MakeBelieve, Out&About, Home Sweet Home (we'll pull some extras from See what I Saw)

Books: we have activity books with 3 different stories... Rupert the wrong wild Pirate (fantasy&boats)), Out&About(frogs& water sounds), A Hous is a House for Me. We also have 3 stand alone story books Splash(about pretending & water play), Can You Find Me (seek & find animals & their houses), and if you want a basic boat book with sound effects If I Had a Big Blue Boat

Instruments for 3 yos to 5 yos include... rain shaker/guiro, frog guiro, lumi or fiddle sticks

Preschoolers to School age Class/Level 4

Albums we'll use this fall include: Sounds Abound, All Keyed Up, Rhythms of the Land, (we'll also pull specials from See what I Saw)

Books: activity books with story... Pedal Pump or Coppertop and the Four Keyboards, or stand alone stories If I Had a Big Blue Boat, Can You Find Me, Michael Finnigan

Level 4 & 5 both Levels include a backpack.

Extra books that I have while supplies last for this term and age range Wrong Word Pirate, Tell Me a Tale stories

For Level4&5 before the children start Musicians I encourage each child to explore a variety of instruments to prepare them for playing rhythm & pitch. The ones I have available to take home are a nice Nemo drum, resonator bars, harmonicas. (Pictures to come)

Special Schoolage Musicians curriculum

is a 2 full years that prepares children for lessons in the arts. Exploration, improvising, creating story telling with voice/body, percussion, strings, wind, keys, puppets, props, media.

Each student recieves a 3 ring binder for print outs & the lesson book, game pieces for games and activities to help explore musical, artistic concepts. The first instrument that goes home is a glockenspiel - a percussion pitched instrument (a great analog for tone & key structure). Families will have some choices on what instruments to pick for home as we progress through the future.

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