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April Update

Happy holiday week for those celebrating.

sorry I’ve been out of touch in the last week. I’ve been sick- nothing serious just persistent and miserable. I’m hoping to feel better soon.

Have you been gloomy? Well the sun is behind those clouds!!! Nora is just about ready to start virtual classes and as soon as I’m feeling better I’ll be able to as well. This week we’ll be doing some trial runs including one on Wednesday April 8th at 3pm for a trial class with families. This will be a Multiage class. I already have some interested in helping us refine the virtual process but we’d love a few more. So if you are interested in joining us Wednesday April 8th at 3pm please let me know so I can give you the information. The classes will be protected with password, waiting room, and professional guidance for everyone’s safety. Virtual classes for all scheduled day/times will officially begin Monday April 13th and will continue until local in-person restrictions are lifted.

Kindermusik International has also rolled out a couple of new resources starting soon...

*this week/month weekly at-home activities *coming soon an app for easier access of the digital resources

KindermusikbySally, my studio...

*access to my private meadow for in-person self-guided single-family exploration (this is contingent on schedule availability, my health, and local restrictions on movement/business).

*virtual classes for all enrolled families. First couple of weeks will be free to all past enrolled families. Then future virtual and digital resources will be available to anyone registered for spring. Those registered for Spring will recieve all digital & virtual resources now and then in-person makeup classes in the summer. For those not already registered for Spring, you will have the opportunity to buy a pass for full access including summer in-person. There will also be a down payment option for the virtual & digital access.

Reminder Note:

right now schools are closed through April and to May 4th. I will also have in-person makeups this summer.

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