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AtHome activities from Kindermusik

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Stuck inside?? Here are some Kindermusik activities...

Check out Kindermusik's App which has music, books, digital instruments, and videos with activities. (See th previous post for more info specific to app)

Also Kindermusik has a YouTube channel.

Here is a link to a seasonal craft making bells- goes along with our exploration of bells that we did this week & last week

this week in class we decorated gingerbread cookies so here's a Kindermusik activity sheet to go with that...

Note: if your little one is too young to decorate cookies with candies try using baby food or toddler snacks instead! That way they get to decorate too but with age appropriate snacks.

For your new years celebration... as you know Kindermusik encourages laughter as a helpful tool for connection and learning. So here is a link from Parents Magazine with some new years kid jokes

And remember the Kindermusik app has videos of activities... both general AND NEW age/level specific for those registered in an active class...

As well as music & books (some free for all, others added when you register in an active class)

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