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AtHome materials for holidays

Updated: Jan 10

Remember if you registered for 2023 please let me know your preferences for your gift (physical book & instrument)- you can pick it up at one of the events (Home for the holiday play date) Or make other arrangements with me.

Below are the books, instruments, & activity pages, and new app functions to choose from...

Register before the holiday break for next term (Jan-May2023) you will receive an extra book & instrumentwtapped to gift (you will still get to choose another instrument & book in Jan-May). First come first serve/while supplies last for in stock OR I can take orders but can't guarantee a specific delivery date.

click here to find a class & register

Below see the books & instruments &activities. Here are my holiday suggestions (what I have available) from my supplies...

For babies 0-1 (Level Foundations or Mixed age Level1)

board books: Pat-a-Cake, Nighty Night, Rhythm of my Day (will do in class before Holiday break), Dream pillow Lullaby (will do after holiday break), note if your child is nearing one you can choose from the 1-2 year old grouping below; instrument options include a mirror, baby tambourine, baby bell

Activity sheets available include mirror play, food play, movement

For 1-2 year olds, Level 1 or Mixed age L1

board books include Rhythm of my Day (we will use in class before holiday break), Yum, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Family all Around), after holidays we'll add ...Wishy Washy Wee

Instruments include a toddler tambourine or a toddler jingle bell shape

Activity sheets available include dealing with food play & pickiness,

For 2-4 year olds, Level 2 or Mixed age L2&3

Thick paper books ... Milk & Cookies (activity & score book) At my House (story book), Cookies (story book), Time for Lunch (story & activity book), after holidays we will also do Wishy Washy Wee (story book),

Instrument: stir Xylophone, wearable jingle bells,

Activity sheets: looking for colors & shapes and foods at the store, also sequencing for stories & songs

For 3-5 year olds, Level 3 or mixed age L3&4

Paper books... (before holiday break) At my House (animal house book & activities), In my Garden (food book & activities), Ant Picnic (just book)

After holiday break we'll use... The Golden Bear (book & Let's Play activities), Hurry Home Kittens (just book),

Bath Time (book & Splash activities while supplies last because this book has been discontinued in Kindermusik)

Instruments include wearable jingle bells, big kid tambourine

For 4-6year olds, Level 4

Books before holiday break we'll do in class... GanGoo (jokes & activities about food & folk music), Ant Picnic, (story about a feast)

After holiday break we'll do... My Dance (story about dancing), & Hurry Home Litte Kittens (story about home weather & song)

Instruments: tambourine or wearable jingle bells.

Level 5 for 5-7+: Level4&5

For those interested in YoungChild (the lesson prep course) it comes with a book of kindermusik musical scores, a folder with lessons, and an instrument. For the holiday special (and without extra cost) you can choose one of the books from above and the tambourine or the wearable jingle bells. If you'd prefer one of the L5 specific instruments (so you can gift it during the holiday) - glockenspiel (bells similar to a xylophone), dulcimer(string), recorder(wind)- the whole deposit must be paid ($70, which is applied to the class fee).

Didn't see what you want? I will order anything from the Kindermusik store but you will have to wait for them to arrive. If you choose from my current supplies I will wrap them so you can gift it this holiday.

Don't forget physical & digital activities, crafts, & parenting tips...

Sheets, craft & activities handed out in class to keep. Lending library of physical play sets, CD's, books available in studio!!

AND digital streaming!! All kindermusik books & music are available on the Kindermusik app (you can access your class/age/level while the class you are registered for is active).

NEW!! On the app are videos with activities for each level to do at home

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