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August notes and state of business.

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

KindermusikbySally is Missing you all. It’s been a different summer for us all, hasn’t it? A lot of the things we take for granted keep changing.

I am still here. I have several ways to help you keep music & musical learning in your families life.

  • virtual classes

  • on-line materials & access. Includes Kindermusi‘a new app and computer access. Also I have my Facebook Closed group and website blog for sharing activities and ideas. Books, music, video, crafts, parenting support.

  • physical books, instruments, more For pickup at my studio.

  • I also have a plan for in-person events, classes. See below for the plan

here is a link to our payment options

Below, first i have the list and progression of in-person options. Then I have my criteria for deciding what & when.

New Ideas I’m working on

In the pool or scheduling a private Visit

This summer hasn’t just been a concern for viral spread but also for heat. So I have decided to look into outside pool events and single family visits to the inside studio. The private visits can be personal lessons for your family or free exploration alone. The pool event will be a class. Depending on the health & safety numbers and my ability to find a pool I hope to have this worked out in August.

Tailgate and outside classes

As the heat abates and the numbers stay down, I will start with tailgate events for families and outside classes for Young Child classes. Tailgate events will be at my Cibolo studio around my circular drive. Families stay at their cars/tailgates while I lead activities. Outside classes will start with Young Child (L4&5) in the courtyard. Then if things go well I will expand to more age specific outside classes in the courtyard and Meadow.

Since it is clear now that we will be living with this virus and public health concerns for sometime, I want to be open about my process for deciding when and what level of classes. It was a bit more difficult to do then I expected because of all the changes to local information and the differences with our 3 local counties.

I want to use percent positivity and local positive spikes. The county my primary studio is in is Guadalupe County and their information does not include percent positivity and notification of numbers is often delayed & difficult to analyze. So I will be using Bexar county & Comal county percent positivity and watch Guadalupe information. I will also watch for local business notifications & closures & trends in Schertz/Cibolo/NewBraunfels area (Especially those near the location).

The CDC suggests a percent positive under 5% for 2 weeks and a downward trend of positives & hospitalization before opening inside inperson- this is the basis for my studio criteria.

I will be looking for percent positives in Bexar county & Comal County to dip to or below 10% and hospital trends to stay down for 2 weeks before doing any in-person group Events (Tailgates, Pool, Courtyard, Meadow ). For outside events not in a pool I will also have to watch heat advisories.

After a month of hospital numbers staying low, no local flairs (esp closures & positive spikes near the location), percent in Bexar/Comal staying at/below 10%... I will move to outside classes for a variety different age groups. I will consider Inside small groups after percent positives go down near or below 5% for a period of time and there are no local flairs- when we do inside classes there will be changes to health & safety to reflect expert recommendations at the time (masks, distance, cleaning, illness absence, etc).


my health page

Schedule, Booking, & more

My closed group for registered families

Let me know if you have any questions. I love you all. And thank you for your understanding as I try to manage your needs, my business, but also my families risk at this time.

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