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Balance options

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

I’ll be updating this through the end of May

We will do all we can to find ways to provide all registered families with services equal to their account balance… books, instruments, music, virtual and in-person class options. We’ll have a several pickup options for any physical materials.  Atthe end of the post you’ll find pictures & explanations for all the products & services

You can see the options we are discussing on the ‘summer options’ post. And when the schedule is finalized I will create a Summer schedule post.

Once your balance is used, we will also continue to offer the month by month virtual class/in-person down payment option for as long as this situation lasts.  We will NOT disenroll anyone who cannot pay this summer.   

If you have the ability and would like to help other families who can not pay & our business survive, We will continue to have a donation option listed on the website.   

Contact me any time for your specific balance at

thank you for your feedback and support

below I’ll be adding explanations & pictures of what’s available- availability is currently limited to what i have in stock. If you are willing to share in shipping coasts I can get nearly everything we’ve used in class.

**edit to add- I’ve decided to do a separate post for all the book & instrument pictures

here’s the link

books... includes a variety of story books we’ve done in class & activity books.

instruments... includes a variety of instruments we’ve used in class

CD’s... of music we’ve done in class

virtual materials - who gets them & how to access them from the computer & how to get the the weekly AT HOME email

New Kindermusik APP - who has access & how to access & how to get your Kindermusik CD’s put on it

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