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Celebrate Community

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

We celebrate community and diversity at KindermusikbySally

We are blessed to have so many different people from different cultures and ways of life and I always want families - children and caregivers- to know I love and respect them for them.

Through the year there are many opportunities to highlight different cultures, celebrations, people, and the music.

What ever you celebrate I wish you well.

This time of year there is MLK day, Lunar New Year, Valentines Day, President's Day, and more.

Throughout the year I'll highlight a variety of music and ways music is used. For example over the holidays I highlighted both traditional western music but also a variety of American folk music which is inspired by so many different cultures & communities...(highlights include but not limited too) Mexican, European, African-American, Indigenous...

I try to highlight music from around the world throughout the year... (including not limited too) Asian, African, Middle-Eastern, Eastern-European.

I'll also highlight contributions of specific bands or specific musicians of a variety of genres through out the year.

Music is something that all people share. And it can be used to connect us all.

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