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Check our schedule

Schedule, waitlists, demos and more can be seen on

The one thing the link doesn't have is a Calendar

so here's a calandar view

Classes on hold...

Monday at 5:15pm mixedage L2 in Cibolo

Young Child Level5, day/time is flexible, even daytime for homeschoolers

Tuesdays in NewBraunfels...

9:15am Level 1 1&2 yos

10:30am mixed age Level 2 (2-4 yros & siblings welcome)

Noon Foundations infants & babies

I am also working on afternoon classes for Level 3 & up in NB but waiting on location approval

So the Tuesday 3:30pm Level 4 (4-6 year old class) is temporarily in Cibolo

Wednesdays in Cibolo...

10am Level 2 (2&3 yos)

4pm Level 4 (4-6 yos)

6pm Mixedage Level3 (2-5 yos, siblings, family)

Thursday in Cibolo...

9am mixedage L2 (1-3 yos)

10:30am mixedage L3 (3-5 yos)

Noon Foundations (0-18months)

6pm mixedage L1 (0-2 yos)

Notes about class attendance....

*terms last for 4 Calendar months during which enrolled families have access to digital materials & support (including book & music libraries for particular levels) And 12 in-person weeks of classes. (Scroll to bottom for list of weeks/days off)

*With enrollment, one guaranteed spot in one day/time. Unlimited rsvp for any other opening in an age/level appropriate class. *Levels are developmentally focused not strictly by age.

*Foundations to mixed age Level3 are with a caregiver. Level 4&5 children can be dropped off- having said this Parents are always welcome to sit in.

*Day/time transfers, makeups unlimited But contingent on availability and continued enrollment.

*Prorates available through on-line system. I will work with families who have extenuating circumstances- speak to me (Sally) personally for any adjustments.

* limited Visiting/Demos before enrollment available. Once enrolled a minimum single month fee is required (link to fee page).

List of Fall in-person on & off

Aug 23- Sept 5 studio closed for in service & holiday access to digital for summer enrolled families.

Sept 6-9 studio open house, demos, makeups

Sept 12- Nov 18 weekly inperson classes and digital access for fall enrolled families


Oct 31 (Monday) 4-7pm special event

Nov 8th ? Election Day depends on location availability.

Nov 21-25 Studio closed for holiday

Nov 28- Dec 15 studio will hold inperson special events & makeups free to enrolled families

Dec15-31 inperson studio will be closed but all fall enrolled families will continue to have digital access through the end of the month.

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