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Classes Alterations

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

My stated policy is to follow the local school districts. All local districts have closed until Mar23 at minimum.

Your health and safety is important to us. Physical and mental. We are not closing down. We have a plan that includes...

RESOURCES see the blog post for ‘Sharing Calm’, ‘Inspirational’, And Kindermusik ‘tool box’ - see my ’tool box’ post in the blog. Also Check back here regularly for more information on dates.

OUTSIDE in bluebonnets see the Mar 15 note below

VIRTUAL I will have online videos and if needed eventually interactive teleconferencing classes.

MAKEUPS As soon as we resume, I will provide all the makeups needed to fulfill your passes.

*as of Mar15-20: no in-person classes at either location this week. I will have my bluebonnet field open to registered families only. You can come and safely get out doors with your children, I’ll have starilized objects, music playing, and you can take pictures. There will be no access to my indoor facilities (except bathroom). Please text, email, call to rsvp a time- I was advised to discourage groups so please limit to family. Even though it’s outside, I will still be practicing social distance and my highest hygiene and cleaning procedures. Rsvp M-F daylight hours (text 210-373-5406 or email

*Mar 23 to April 7: Per order of the state the districts and my business have been instructed to close group in-person services.

I will continue to bring you On-line services and allow families to rsvp isolated visits to my wildflower meadow. If you do come to the meadow RSVP and I will give you info/guidance. Starting Monday 23 will be having virtual Classes via my closed Facebook group

and eventually some kind of video conferencing like Zoom. again I will contact each of you via email & text. if you’d like a phone call, call me (if I can’t answer I’ll call back). I will be updating this at least once a week for as long as this situation continues. I will also be reaching out to each registered family personally. I’ll prob use text and email first but if you’d like to talk to me on the phone or in person let me know. And of course you are all welcome to contact me anytime.

Sing Play Breath. We’ll get through this together.

Mis Sally

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