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Classes Start Jan 24

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

update Jan25, 2022. Starting classes this week with a couple of alterations…

1st NewBraunfels classes will temporarily be in Cibolo (a couple of weeks) because church‘s space is temp closed.

2nd I will be having most regular classes except no Tues3:45 instead I’ll have a Wed4:30; also some classes may have limited attendance do to all the illness in the area so please rsvp for your class so I can plan- thank you☺️

update Jan 23, 2022. I am feeling better finally. I will be starting to teach some this week. However there are 2 things…

1st because so many people are sick, please rsvp so I can plan

2nd NewBraunfels church classes on Tuesday mornings- I am still waiting to have the go ahead to start classes back up. I can start classes in Cibolo on Tuesday mornings while I wait for confirmation on the NewBraunfels church (I’m sure it won’t be long). update Jan 17, 2022. i will not teach class this week. I am having asthma problems and can not sing & dance without coughing and trouble breathing. I will spend the week getting my asthma under control and am confident that I will be able to start teaching by Jan 24.

update as of Jan 14, 2022 I am still sick. I have tested negative for both Covid and Flu, however I continue to have a bad cough. I have Not been able to control the cough yet so I will likely have to postpone more classes however as soon as I can sing without coughing I will start classes.

Jan 9, 2022 I woke up not feeling well And with all that’s been going on I’ve decided to postpone classes for a week (or till I’m well). It may be just allergies and I will take the next couple of days to find that out but with most of my students too young for the option of vaccination I’ve decided to postpone.

I was getting All ready to start the week and I miss the classroom but I also want to make sure I provide the best experience… safe, productive, fun family experience. You know things can’t keep me from the studio for long!!

Just some reminders from when we do get back together. i am posting everyone’s January digital music, book, activities on your account!!

Also I have updates on…

Studio news, payment options, links, and more

shortcut to just health&safety update

Shortcut to just materials for winter

shortcut to new plan for the year 2022-23

Love y’all & see you soon😘

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