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Class open/close updates

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Update June 28: I will be closing the studio from July 1-July15 for personal.

I will be open June 17-30th and July 15- Aug22 (I have added some time in Aug for makeups).

for More scheduling dates check summer schedule post

(add link to schedule&calendar post

Update Monday June 13th: I am taking today to clean & set up. My plan is to start classes back up Tuesday June 14th. Everyone in my family is on the mend and/or negative. 🙂

Update Thursday June 9th: I have been experiencing mild symptoms which could be allergies or Covid however I am not testing positive at home. Docs are now not suggestions lab tests unless testing positive with at home but still suggesting isolation if there are symptoms 🙄. So I’m in a bit of a bind here. This is one of the reasons I decided to cancel classes Wed& Thur because it’s hard to evaluate being contagious if you have chronic bad allergies. I will have classes next week IF I’m still testing neg and have no new symptoms on Monday (since I have been isolating even from my Covid positive husband) . So look for an update on Monday.

Tuesday evening June7th: I have been exposed to Covid. A family member has tested positive but with mild symptoms. I have no symptoms and I tested negative. However since my studio is at my house I have decided it’s best to cancel classes for the rest of this week.

There is good news! Since I’m symptom free and negative currently it’s not likely I spread it Monday or Tuesday. But I think it’s likely I will catch it and I don’t want to spread it to any one if I can help it. I am so frustrated because I was all ready and excited to start summer- &@#%happens I guess.

I did build off weeks into the summer for makeups so I will just makeup the class on one of those weeks- I’ll decide the dates later.

I will post more information as I get it.

Feeling sad😢 I had planned such fun classes this week and I was so looking forward to seeing everyone

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