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Classes start back Monday Jan7

In NB MomJan7, 9:30am all ages (more times added as needed)

In Cibolo...


10:30am Mom&Baby Yoga

5pm Foundations for Baby&Parent


10am Level 2-3

11:15 Foundations for Baby&Parent


9:30am Level 1-2

11am Level 3 with families

4:30pm Level4 Small group lesson

5:45pm Level2-3 with families

Friday’s Art extensions 4pm

Mondays 6pm Level 3-5 with families

We’ll be exploring Music, Movement, Creativity and supporting balanced life for parents&children

With music, books, and activities with a cat, mouse, dog in the house focus. Books pictured will be read & used as inspiration in (left to right) Foundations, Level 3, Level 1.

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