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Health&safety policies

Updated: Feb 29

As of 2023

Everyone is welcome! And we are back to normal policies.

Illness/Attendance. I will continue my flexible makeups and mask policy so we can be extra careful with illness & attendance. I will continue to ask families to stay home if sick (symptomatic, diagnosis, testing positive with anything infectious). Many of us have chronic conditions (I have allergies and asthma too). If you are certain that your symptoms are allergies, asthma, lingering irritation you can return to class. However since it‘s hard to absolutely rule out viruses, I will also ask that if you or your child do have a chronic cough or runny nose please be sensitive to the needs/concerns of others. When appropriate/needed add some distance and/or if you feel comfortable temporarily wear a mask - I will follow this advice for myself as well.

Class size, etc. I have returned to regular class size and instrument sharing. Minimum class size is 3-5 families (7-10 people). Class maximum size depends on space & staffing & location policies but generally.... 25 people (10-12families) in NB or 20people (8-10 families) in Cibolo.

Locations. We will still need to follow any location’s or public health guidelines for any future happenings. Although things can always change, I always try to balance my studio’s policies. I respect your right to choose (and always try to provide options) while also respecting the rules of the locations & public health recommendations.

Special concerns or needs. We welcome and accommodated. Based on your needs you are welcome to use masks, distancing, separate instruments (please coodinate with me ahead of time). If you prefer not to share or be in smaller classes just let me know and I will accommodate.

I will not usually wear a mask unless specifically requested OR if i know i have been exposed and want to be extra careful.

You can also connect with me virtually for personal communication. I don't currently have group virtual classes but I can connect you with studios that do.

see my policies changing slowly back to normal.

*As always I monitor public safety news and follow professional guidance. Any updates or changes on the blog, send in mass email, and in class.

*Please be vigilant with symptoms for any illnesses.

*Also I will continue to have disposable masks, tissues/towels, & soap/hand cleaner as needed.

*I will continue to use my special air filter (NB church also has a special filtration system).

*As guidance changes around exposure and isolation, i may choose to wear a mask instead of canceling classes if i have been exposed or coughing or allergies (negative test/doctor cleared).

*Cleaning instruments and objects will follow my long standing policies.

*Instruments are often shared in class. But I will have separated boxes of instruments if desired- so please let me know if you do not want to share instruments.

I also have a page with detailed information about all my policies and practices from absences to cleaning to how I evaluate a variety of issues

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