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Current & Summer class schedule

Updated: May 14

Contact me if you have any questions, can't find what you're looking. I can also send you a specific link for a specific class if you're not sure how to navigate the schedule lists.

From now through to Sept you can choose the below options (for open & closed/holiday dates scroll to bottom)... link to all available

•Summer Full term: end of May- begining of Sept. Includes 12 (or prorated to when join) in-person classes, on-line access to KM'a streaming library for registered Level, one physical book & instrument to keep, access to studio library, crafts, activities.

Link to Schertz/Cibolo location full term

Link to NewBraunfels full term

•Full term digital & virtual access. Includes access to stream all in-person classes & KM's digital library for your level. Stream any of the in-person classes that are on my schedule. You earn in-person visits (one per month up to 6 for a full term) and can rsvp for any age/level appropriate in-person class that is on the schedule.

(note: the day/time listed in this link is NOT when the in-person classes or the streaming of live in-person classes itms when you can zoom me for person questions & guidance). Link to the virtual, digital access ($20 special this summer per month, if it works well it will be going up to $40 per month this fall)

•single month (4 classes) inperson, KM's streaming library, one physical book/instrument, studio library, crafts, activities. You can rsvp for any day/time on my regular schedule not just the day/time on the link (this option is only available in summer)

For Foundations (0-1 with caregiver) $50

For Level 1 or mixed-age Level1 (walking to 2yo with caregiver) $55

For Level 2 or mixed-age L2 (toddlers with caregivers & siblings) $60

For Level 3 or mixed-age L3 (pre-K with caregivers & siblings) $65

For Level 3-5 w/o caregivers (can drop off but parents are always allowed to sit in & watch) $70

Also if you are interested in Level5 now called Kindermusik Musicians (use to be called Young Child) - the group class designed to prepare children for personalized lessons in musical arts of instruments, voice, theatre (also includes visual art&craft extensions).

Note: requires a prerequisite Level4 class OR an in-person teacher evaluation. Full 12 week term will be $200 and it will require a $50 deposit ($10 is non refundable before Sept, all of which is non refundable by Sept).

I have extended May classes to May25 to cover makeups and to get an early start on Summer.

We will be closed May26-June3 for Memorial break

summer term officially starts June6-...

I will be closed for the day on July4

Closed July 14- 31

Open Aug 1-...

Closed Aug23-Sep4.

Open Sept 5- ...

Sept is the overlap month for summer and Fall. Makeups & credits will be applied in September.

Sept 5 we'll be open for demos & extras.

Fall will go from Sept - January. Any makeups or tuition credits from fall will be applied in January. Winter/Spring will start by the end of January and go through the beginning of May. Makeups and credits from Winter & Spring will be applied in May.

During the summer you'll have the options...

•full term pass/membership includes: digital materials access & full term reserved spot (one day/time guaranteed with unlimited space available extras)

•digital/virtual class: full term digital access, 4-6 in-person space available RSVP's (I am also working on setting up a camera so you can live stream from your location)

• 4 in-person classes (with digital/virtual access for only those weeks)


•full term pass/membership price can choose to pay in full or on a monthly payment plan

•special full term digital with 4-6 RSVP's for in-person class will be a special $20 per month (auto pay plan)

• single month trial/special

See the different fees for different Levels here

All classes include digital access for the time listed (includes Kindermusik's library of books, music, & activities for your class/Level AND zoom access to KindermusikbySally while you are on the go).

Contact me if you have any questions, can't find what you're looking. I can also send you a specific link for a specific class if you're not sure how to navigate the schedule lists.

I am also working on my initial plan for fall 2023 and will likely post my older class (Level 4&5) by May.

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