• Sally Dancy

End of summer theme &materials

Updated: Aug 8

We will end the summer with a traveling theme. We’ll travel to the city (July), the fair (July-Aug), the zoo (Aug) and then we’ll transition in September to traveling to a nature spot (like woods, beach, sea). We’ll also do some special hide & seek & peek-a-boo activities. See below some highlights…

You’ll be able to pick a book of your choice with traveling around town including some specific to zoo animals.

The older lessons classes will learn about a classic story for the stage and then create their own story with puppets

We’ll hear and play notes with harmonicas, bars, & bells

Then we’ll play with other bells of all kinds, including bike bells

We’ll keep beat with animal shakers of all kinds

We’ll move with parachutes, baskets, and billiobos

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