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Traveling & Zoo AtHome fun

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

We will end the summer with a traveling theme. We’ll travel to the city (July), the fair (July-Aug), the zoo (Aug) and then we’ll transition in September to traveling to a nature spots (like beach, sea & eventually woods). We’ll also do some special hide & seek & peek-a-boo activities. See below some highlights…

July & Aug... pick a book of your choice with traveling around town including some specific to zoo animals.

The older lessons classes will learn about a classic story for the stage and then create their own story with puppets

We’ll hear and play notes with harmonicas, bars, & bells

Then we’ll play with other bells of all kinds, including bike bells

We’ll keep beat with animal shakers of all kinds

We’ll move with parachutes, baskets, and billiobos

For all of the Zoo & Aquarium animals that we explore from the end of Aug to Sept

Remember that our local Zoo has a bunch of fun to experience!! They will be reopening their tot spot AND of course September they start setting up for zoo boo. It's a great place to use all those animal songs & raps we learn!!

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