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Fall 2020 schedule

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

I’ve taken a couple weeks to get my health back, relax, and reflect. Below are some plans for the fall. All classes still include instruction AND materials.

Update for October

Outside classes for families mixed ages ongoing...

Wednesday 10am, 5pm, 6:30pm

Thursday 10am, 5:30pm

Friday Outside classes for small group lessons 4-7 yo 4:30pm starting Oct 7

For virtual....

Monday 11am for family classes mixed age

Monday 4:30pm for small group lessons 4-7yo

Wednesday 5:30pm babies&toddlers

Looks like with the first cold front on it’s way, we’ll finally have a break from the heat just in time for Fall classes. I will be starting back up Sept 11th. I will be slowly starting back up in person. I will also continue to have virtual classes both as a weekly alternative and for weather.

I will have some suggestions for optimizing and safety for outdoor, virtual, and (when I add them in future) indoor experiences coming soon.

Look for separate post for payment options & safety. Summery of schedule below.


As of Sept2020 all In-person will be at Cibolo location. i’ll Post/update when that changes.

1st: Sept11 Level 5 graduation class and recorded presentation through September.

2nd: Sept 16 all age outside family classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting. Virtual classes will continue. See below for more on schedule.

3rd: Oct 7th age/Level specific classes starting both virtually and in-person outside. Hopefully continuing (exactly what happens in the winter with outside or inside remains to be seen). The age specific Level 4&5/ Young Child class will continue through the winter.

here’s a link to the bookings page for registration, payment. You can choose virtual only, physical materials only, to include in-person. Packages class, a month, or a season. All classes include at least digital download and most have an option for physical materials.

written below is more specific info about how this fall will go...

Sept11- Oct2 Level 5 Graduation

Sept 11- Oct2 I will offer a graduation wrap up for Kindermusik Level 5. In-person Monday's & Friday's afternoons (times flexible, outside mostly, personalized if needed- times on Tue, Fri, Mon) We'll finish mural, instruments pieces, & I will record a final presentation to post online. RSVP needed.

Only 5 people max in attendance (including me & a assistant if needed).

The theme will be All the World is My Stage. Along with our music we’ll complete a mural of the world which the studio will use throughout the year.

Sept 16th outside family classes & events start and some Virtual will continue...

In September these will be subject to RSVPS and be for All Ages.

outside in-person, materials are available by digital access or physical...

Wednesdays 6:30pm; I can add a 10am if needed

Thursday’s 10am, 6:30pm

We’ll have family class for all ages outside including a special collaboration with Disney, collaboration with yoga, and exploration of our beautiful Kindermusik’s nature curricula. I’ll have more information coming on how we’ll structure safety& distancing for drive-in, inside the court yard, and in the field. Note: some outside times may change with the time change/sunset.

Virtual classes will continue and materials will be able to be accessed digitally (physical available)...

Wed 4 for L2-4,

Wed 5:30 0-2,

if need for weather Thur5:30 all ages

Also note that I’ll be looking to add some Virtual classes On Mondays &/or Tuesdays.

Oct 5th age/Level specific classes will start up...

*our Level 4&5 group will be in-person outside on Friday afternoons 4:30pm in the courtyard And virtually on Monday afternoons 4:30pm

*I also plan on splitting family classes into 2 groups... both will stay whole family friendly but will focus on Level 0-2 or Level 2-4. Also evening classes will likely be moved earlier so to time change/sunset. I haven’t finalized this but likely...

Wed 10am L2-4

Wed 5:30pm L0-2

Thur 10am L0-2

Thur 5:30pm L2-4

another note about OUTside classes...

I have a long history and lots of experience with OUTside classes (see all the above pictures which are just a small sampling). There will be some new policies and feel because of health&safety so if you’re unsure here’s a blog from Kindermusik International about how successful they’ve been around the country

*right now I’m putting my separate Foundations (newborn/infant) classes on hold. In the meantime new little ones are welcome to join the 0-2 Family classes. I am working on planning a special Virtual Parent & newborn class over the WINTER that will include parenting advice & community, baby massage&development, parent/baby yoga & dance moves, and music for all of the above.... super Foundations for Mom&Baby.

Reminder: Look for separate post for payment options & safety. Summery of schedule below.

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