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Fall start!

Updated: Sep 14

It’s time to open the studio! I will have a free open house this week

Sept 7-9

and everyone is welcome to drop in!!!

Refular classes start 13th- please rsvp

Reminder: we ask adults to wear masks

here is the link to directions for NewBraunfes classes


here is the link to directions for Cibolo/Schertz


Regular classes will all start the week of Sept13th and will be structured like regular classes

Family classes

will have 5-10 minutes of gathering time at beginning of class, at least 45 minutes of guided activity; 5-10 minutes of free play/craft/book pickup.

in NewBraunfels


10:30am focus on 2&3yos,

noon focus on 1&2yos inNewBraunfels

in Cibolo/Schertz

Wednesdays 10am




Mondays 6pm (moving to 5pm at time change) focus on 0-2yos

Baby classes

5-10 minutes of gathering time; 30-40 minutes of guided activity; 0-5 minutes pickup info & books for home.

Thursday 11:30am in Cibolo

Tuesday 9:15am in NB


Older children lesson-prep group class

all of these are currently in Cibolo

Sept 14th at 5pm for all ages

REGULAR class start Sept 20th

0-5 minutes of gathering time; 50/60 minutes of guided activity; 5-10 minutes to share with family (home assignment, favorites from class, clean up).

Tuesdays 4pm Level 3/4

Tuesdays 5pm Level 5

Wednesdays 4pm Level 3/4

possible extra classes can be added

I will add a week in December to makeup the class time. I was preparing for classes during the Labor Day weekend, when my body gave me a warning. I have been feeling better (having spent break sick & injured) but unfortunately today I found my spirit ready but body NOT fully able to teach yet. I’m well But still a little too weak to do full classes while singing & dancing. So we’ll have some extra free play fun!

Fall season will be from Sept7 through to Dec (final week in Dec will be depend on make ups needed)

Season will include 10 weeks of classes plus

Halloween hide & seek in the forest

Drumming around the fire

Holiday lights

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