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Updated: Sep 17, 2022

To keep updated on our studio happenings you can find studio many digital places… this blog (of Course), I have a private group on Facebook for just registered family, and of course I have public Instagram & Facebook pages. Just recently I started reels and I’m even trying out TikTok.

Reels!! Here is an example of videos I’m posting on reels. It’s also a video I promised to Parent’s who missed the directions for this project in class last month.

Private/closed Facebook group. This is for those who have/are registered for classes at KindermusikbySally. Link plus to join you will need to be registered for a class & input class to join

TikTok. here is my TikTok account (and a video)

More Public pages for everyone…

@kindermusikbysally (on instagram)


or Kindermusik by Sally Dancy at Discovery Meadow Studio (on Facebook)

*note for blog: I don’t usually post videos here because the system can’t handle the memory needed. If you don’t do social media and still want access to my videos, I am looking for a way to make that happen that‘s not too time consuming😬

Coming later this summer….

You will be able to ok mass text on your account (still working out how to do this) for announcements like changes for weather, illness, holiday, schedule/calendar, registration. Kindermusik already requires an email for access to digital materials and for announcements.

**one last note: If you don’t want to ok even a personal email that can be used, then you can make arrangements with me for everything to be done by paper- paper materials, paper registration with limited info shared with KI. This will limit your access to physical materials only and it will limit the info/announcements you receive automatically. But you are still welcome!

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