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Friends in the Meadow Presentation

All ready for Friends in the Meadow Presentation- for Level 4,5 & Arts Extension Group.

So why ‘presentation’ instead of a recital or performance. For several reasons- Process, Creativity, Community...

1st Kindermusik is a processes based program- we develop skills, knowledge, & the emotional & social tools they need for life, lessons, & school. So my presentations are low stress, familiar environment, and a way to share the Kindermusik experience & favorite activities with family & freinds. I do explain what they have been learning from the activities we share.

2nd It’s about creativity. The children create everything about the presentation. It’s meant to mirror the old fashioned ‘backyard’ performances kids put on in days of old- albeit with my guidance. The children come up with their own characters, create all the art pieces that are used, and the story evolves through the children’s classroom explorations and collaboration. I do use my talents to help bring it all together.

3rd It’s a community thing! I want the children to learn how to feel comfortable sharing their love of music/art/story in their community. So we emphasize fun & improvisation. To solidify the community experience we always finish the presentation event by inviting the families and friends to join us in a final musical/art activity and group social dance.

So it is not a performance or recital- individuals performing skills from a practiced piece of art repertoire. That is an important skill but that’s just not the point of this event.

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