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Happy Fall Y’all

Updated: Sep 17

Specially designed fall activities for families with babies, toddlers, PreK to K....

We honor & respect the rich musical heritage of all people. Throughout the year providing events, activities, and music that support community. We'll have songs, games, experiences focusing on weather, animals, nature, and a variety of musical traditions SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR families with babies, toddlers, PreK to K.

However You Celebrate Fall- we respect your traditions. From the #AutumnalEquinox, #RoshHashanah, #hispanicharitagemonth , #DayoftheDead, #DíadeMuertos #AllSaintsDay, #Halloween, #VeteransDay, #Harvest, #Thanksgiving....(more). In our diverse community there are different ways of celebrating this time of year, full of traditions & history. May your celebrations be full of meaningful connection.

We hope to provide studio fun through all our Fall festivities that can fit into a variety of traditions.

Fall classes include regular classes & special events. Throughout the season we'll explore music inspired by different traditions & cultures... Islands, Hispanic, North American tribes, Appalachian, German, and more.

We'll post more specifics on a later scheduling post. Generally schedule & special events will be....

*September 5-28 flex month open to all summer & fall enrollees with opening for visitors. We'll be focusing on Island & waterway music from around the world with exploration of beach, water, & sand.

*Sept 28-Oct28 focusing on water to sky, animals & weather all around our communities. As we move into late Oct we'll make sure to explore spiders, dinosaurs/fossils, dress up/pretend play.

*Oct 31- Nov focusing outdoor sights & sounds, homes & family. From Late Oct through November we'll also have several opportunities to explore a family friendly fire pit (we put a gate around the pit so the kids can see fire at a safe distance) and drumming around the world.

Late Nov- Dec15 focusing on family gathering, preparing home & food, traveling & celebrating.

January (dates to be decided depending on weather, makeups) focusing on weather, night (stars, moon), bath & bed & time.

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