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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

As we’re all being reminded the importance of hand washing, singing a song while washing can help. My favorite Kindermusik hand washing song is Wishy-Washy-Wee!! If you were in our fall2019 classes you most likely have several washing songs, those who were in L1&2 have the recording of Wishy-Washy-Wee- I’ve added the lyrics to the bottom of this post.

Also I have a page on my website that details my policies and practices in case of a variety of health and safety issues. I do extra measures during higher risk times and follow the local school districts for public safety issues


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First ask your child to make a boat with their hands. Add soap to the boat then while rubbing your child’s hands or incurraging them to hub their hands sing the lyrics...

wishy washy wishy washy wishy washy wee... oh we are two sailors come from over the sea, if you want to go away again come along with me. Oh wishy washy wishy washy wishy washy wee. If you want to go away again come along with me.

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