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Summer Holidays

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From Memorial Day to Juneteenth

From Independence Day to Labor Day

From Tulsa to Normandy

Summer is full of history and remembrance.

Though out the summer I will post links and more. I wish everyone peace, reflection, and more.

Flag Day

flag history and more for kids


Juneteenth is often seen as the 4th of July for the American black community.

This link has books, videos, and more for a variety of age groups


Independence Day/ 4th of July

Here’s a link with some great activities


I wanted to post a play list of songs but actually couldn’t find just one list that I liked as a stand a lone. so I’m posting a a few different lists…



Memorial Day…. D-Day…. Women’s Veterans’s Day…. Armed Forces Day… Veterans Day…

First all these are memorializing different groups and have unique history.

For example Memorial Day is for those who died as a service member in war. But even that can lead to disagreements depending on what war/perspective… immediately after Civil war, After reconstruction, After WW1, After WW2, or the many other conflicts around the word over the last century.

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