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Happy L, V, P

Updated: Mar 16


Groundhog/armadillo, Lunar new year, Valentine’s, MardiGras, Lent, President’s, Black History🥰

Love to all through this time of year...

Say hello to the year of the Dragon with the studio's dragon kite & den den drums from China (donated by a Kindermusik graduate's family)

We're moving from exploring winter weather & animals & play inspirations

to travel with trains & horses (an inspirational nod to SA rodeo time) , mixing in some music from Asia and some American jazz (nods to the Lunar New Year & MartiGras).

I also wish those of you who observe President's Day, BHMonth, Lent... time for reflection.

I will also be putting away my winter decorations from February to March to prepare for Spring.

•We'll continue to have weekly classes at the studio.

•Starting a a couple of new Baby classes. Noon in NB started Feb6 and Wednesday 12:15 Feb27th.

•Mar 25-April8 Scheduled break will be at the end of March to beginning of April to allow for spring holiday observations.

stay warm and give your kids a hug

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