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Holiday classes & Gifts

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

We have classes this week & gift packages...

Updated WEd the 10th!

for All age family

Monday 5pm

Wednesday 10am

Thursday 10am & 5:30pm

Young Child Friday 4:30pm

Update on seasonal schedule...

*I am planning on having the holiday finale class on Monday the 14th. Because of current RSVP’s I will do 10am & 5pm class.

* if you haven’t already please send me a message RSVPing- even if you told me in person- I do try to remember what everyone has told me in person but to make sure please text,email,social media message

*holiday break will be longer this year- studio will be closed a whole month starting Dec15 and I hope to start up after MLK Day (Jan19)

**Note: both last holiday season class and starting back up will be contingent on my ability to not get explosed to the virus. As of right now members of my family who have more risky jobs (example my husband works for DOD) are starting to know people who have been exposed. We are taking precautions and staying separate (even quarantining from each other as needed). Unfortunately it’s always a possibility (maybe only a matter of time) that eventually I myself will have to quarantine. So keep an eye out & keep in contact with us using your preferred messaging board (social media, website blog, email/text).

ALSO gift packages

Add a Kindermusik gift this holiday. Packages available!! You can pick...

Story books, activity books, basic instruments, bag or box, play sets (card game, storyboard clings, etc). All packages coordinate with the classes for Winter (Dec-March). And include either download or CD music. Season packages include a small set, add on packages available for $40. For $40 package you can get 4-6 items depending on the item (the play sets and a couple of the instruments count as 2). I have some of everything in stock but supplies are limited so if you want them before Christmas contact me ASAP @kindermusikbysally

pick 6 of the following

*Books include cookie, star, & cat or dog or mouse themes. Some books include activities and story some are just story, some are full of activities & lessons. (Thin news paper books are worth 1/2 a pick).

*Instrument available include a single jingle bells, multi jingle, several types of guiro, and several type of bars or balls. The bars and some balls are worth 2 picks

*I also have bags/boxes. Available are diaper bag, see through bags, an insulated lunch bag, a theme ‘dog house’ box.

*I have 2 play sets that coordinate with current or future themes ... a story board cling set and a card game set. play sets are worth 2 picks.

*CD‘a or music come free

#discoverymeadowstudio #kindermusikbysallycommunity

#kindermusikbysallycommunity #discoverymeadowstudio #holidayclassic

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