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  • Sally Dancy

Honoring Community & Country

Updated: Jun 6

Studio closed May23–June 7 for Memorial observance and prep for summer

Throughout the summer we’ll have opportunities to observe Holidays and times that remind us of our connection to our Community & Country. Over the next month many will celebrate in their own ways with Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day & more… some with family events, some with special trips or celebrations, some with solemn observances/practices.

For Memorial Day.. honoring those who have given the ultimate sacrifice; remember those who have died in service to country.

For Juneteenth… in celebration of long waited & fought arch of freedom; the anniversary of the posting of General Order3/Freeing Slaves in Galveston TX.

For Independence Day… remembering the Declaration of Independence from England and the beginning of the journey our country has taken and is still on going.

However you honor these and other important remembrances of sacrifice, freedom, fighting for humanity, …

Wishing all the best.

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