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Info for those with pandemic credit

Updated: May 1, 2022

If you think or know you have pandemic credit please contact me ASAP.

I have decided to allow one last opportunity for those with pandemic credit to make up the classes this summer.

* You can schedule makeups as space is available now (April30) through August. *Masks & distancing lifted- currently masks & distancing still welcome but NOT required and few people are using them. *Kindermusik International also has a limited time offer for you to down load any/all allotted digital materials on your account. You have until July31st 2022 for your account and until Dec31st for download cards.

here is a reminder on how to access your account…

Please contact me ASAP and make arrangements before your extended enrollment expires. **Extra note**both my studio and Kindermusik have major & permanent changes coming this Summer2022 to Winter2023.

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