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Instruments,objects,media for different ages,stages

Updated: Jun 6

From birth to toddler to PreK to elementry KindermusikbySally DiscoveryMeadowStudio

is conscious of child development. The equipment, instruments, media we use based on the needs of children… how their bodies & brains work, safety, and what it can help them learn.

From exploring different percussion instruments

It's more than an egg shaker or a drum or a jingle bell... it's a brain boosting, strength enhancing, impulse controlling, opposites teaching, fine motor skill enhancing musical instrument!'s so much more than all of that! 💜 This spring we used all different kinds of shaped & colored shakers to explore textures for sensory processing AND spring themes for pretend play AND movement control to learn #ImpulseControl #FineMotorSkills #EarlyChildhoodDevelopment #EarlyLearning #InstrumentPlay #sensorytoys #kindermusikhelpswiththat

We also use a variety of other equipment, toys, manipulatives.

Grip, shake, throw, many ways to pump up development with a squishy, ting-able chime ball! We use #ChimeBall and many other balls, scarves, stuffies, all kinds of #BabyToys #ToddlerToys to help with development. In our #BabyMusicClass #MusicClassForBabies #ToddlerMusicClass #MusicClassForToddlers we will show you how you can support your child’s development through play. Free play and specific targeted play.

Media… books, art tools, playsets, games, and yes even digital. Objects in our physical world are very important to development. And we use lots of them!!

It is also important to understand how to use our world’s digital tools in healthy ways. Whether it is to access data like music, reduce waste with less printing, the convenience of having music & instruments & stories & tips at a click, or the realities of navigating 21st century society- we try to support you. My studio even has a library of kits, books, & CD’s for those who prefer physical tools for their littles- and since itMs a library it reduces waste and clutter (well for you anyway😉). For those who do use digital for themselves or their children, we have developmentally friendly app & website designed to help caregivers facilitate & for the child to access either with their caregiver or with safe restrictions.

We also have tools Specific to music, art, and creative development. Our use of pitched instruments, instruments from around the world, musical language, notation, a variety of noted artists help produce appreciation, experience, reference, and skill training.

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