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June-July AtHome Activities

Kindermusik supports parents, caregivers, children at home as well as in class.

You can stream music, books, activities even digital instruments for your level on your account on the Kindermusik App, . (See Account Access & App posts for details on how to set up, manage, stream).

I also provide developmental information & developmental activities to take home from class. So you don’t have to remember all the information I also have some Kindermusik fliers available. Below find fliers, craft ideas, playsets available from studio library- organized by level…

In all classes we’ve been exploring traveling to the City, Parades, and Stop & Go for each age & stage. And we have some summer travel tips too..

Create sensory bottles with orbies or tapioca pearls for sensory friendly fireworks play. Please Note tapioca pearls are digestible HOWever just like orbies they are an obstruction hazard for babies and small children so I suggest putting either into a bottle and gluing & taping the bottle closed. Also remember any home made sensory play should be carefully supervised!

For Foundations Level (0-1)

For Level 1

Level1-3 & mixed ages: build your city & parade route

Level 2&3 & mixed ages

Making maps from studio library play sets

Options for all ages & stages- follow a path with finger or car for 1-2, different activities/song for different place visited, make your own map with your own places to visit this summer

Level 3-5 class explored loud quiet (piano forte), sound silence with their exploration of parades

In level 3-5 we also explored city sounds and families of instruments (which we may see in parade or firework concerts). From the studio library we have available sound bingo with instrument families and card games that explore city sounds & pretend play

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