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Kindermusik and Books

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Kindermusik’s process helps link books to the developmental processes of your child’s brain including movement, pretend play, sensory exploration. Here is an article that talks about what happens in your child’s brain when reading books.

**Kindermusik specific Note** Every month Kindermusik links it’s music, movement, activities to another story (actually each age group has a developmentally appropriate story). By linking songs, sensory exploration, movement, games, pretend play with the story books we are multiplying the impact. So that every time a child is reading those stories they are reliving the movement, music, exploration. And every time a child moves or sings or explores they are reliving the book. Most of the books we use are made available to our families through digital access or physical books INcludes in the fee.

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