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AtHome activities & materials

Updated: Sep 15

Don’t forget about AtHome activities!!!

ALL registered families have access to the digital materials which include APP, computer access/steaming, and downloadable/printable.

ALL registered families also can take home craft packages.

For books and instruments…

*If you have a seasonal pass/membership- one book & one instrument per registered child.

*If you have credit on your account- you can use it for books & instruments.

*If you have the monthly special- books and instruments are extra.

1st picture is a sneak peek of the fall books and instruments available. Shown from baby at the bottom to over threes at top.

Don’t forget to access digital AtHome materials (here’s a link to how to access them) https://www.discoverymeadowstudio.com/post/step-by-step-athome-setup

And look for youtube videos for activity directions,

like snack crafts


and baby message/intentional touch


more pictures and what‘s available to pick up at Last summer class…

1st pic: Books leads over from September.

2nd: CD’s and instruments left over from summer

Below are examples of some of the crafts we did in August. This fall we’ll have sand and water crafts.

book, camera craft pack, and artist activity for the older kid lesson group

Fall fun will include

*bubble & sand play

*Halloween hide & seek in the studio forest

*drumming around the fire

*holiday lights

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