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Last download, more streaming

Updated: Jul 25

Past & Present Kindermusik families countdown to download/streaming change. Kindermusik digital materials…

July31st is the last day for downloads! Starting Aug 1st streaming access for actively enrolled families will increase to include the entire Kindermusik library for your child’s current level. Contact us if you are not sure if you are currently enrolled.

(Special thanks to @kmmissmolly for the quick reference pics)

If you are a past family and want to continue to have access you need to download what’s on your account now! Starting August 1st 2022 Kindermusik’s digital materials will change from the old platform of allotting individual themes TO an enrollment/subscribing unlimited (per level) streaming platform.

This means you must stay enrolled with Kindermusik to continue to access their music, books, and activities via the digital platform.

Here’s a quick reference on how to download what is on/in your account currently (graciously shared by another Kindermusik educator

I also have a step by step post


Note: the new streaming platform will provide families with more to choose from while enrolled in the most utilized and cost efficient way.

Below are some answers to questions (you can of course always contact me personally for your own)…

What if I want physical books, music, materials??

As always purchased physical materials are your to keep!! I include a book & instrument of your choice every term. More will be available (stay tuned for online shopping options). You will still be able to purchase Kindermusik books and instruments through me.

Activity play sets and CD’s were discontinued last year hOwEvEr I have been gathering as many as possible to create a Lending Library for families. Although not to keep this will allow temporary access to families who are interested in this enrichment. If you are a past family please remember us when you are looking to down size- your donation of past materials can help other families in the future.

Difference for Young Child (Level5)

Young Child Level 5 classes will continue to have a full set of physical materials that will be both required and for the families to keep.

What if I can’t stay enrolled in classes??

I am looking into ways to bridge the gap for families who can’t stay enrolled for a variety of reasons… tdy, needing to take a semester off, moving, extended illness, or otherwise unable to come to my (or any Kindermusik) in person studio. If you choose to put your enrollment on hold for any reason then your access will also be on hold. HoWeVer I am working on a digital access option which would allow families to continue to access both Kindermusik’s digital service and my teaching expertise through zoom (this will have a fee but will be less than a full class). I will likely not do full classes by zoom. But if you want a full class by zoom, there are several educators/studios around the world that provide excellent virtual classes- I can put you into contact with an experienced virtual studio/teacher.

What happens when I leave a particular class or the program for good?

All the physical materials you purchase are yours to keep. After leaving each level you will get to choose several favorites. Those favorites AND a “best of” album will remain on your account for you to access via streaming though the Kindermusik App and website. Just like when you are enrolled you will be able to access your account by signing into the app or website. You will also be able to access all the free music and books on the Kindermusik APP.

Why is this happening?

There are several reasons… download licensing is expensive and few used it, balancing fair practices for both consumers AND artists, the music business & modern life is changing and as a business we must change with it, we want to give the best possible product to currently enrolled families at the most affordable price and KI determined that this was the best way to do that. As I stated before, I will continue to have a lending library for those things KI can no longer afford to produce to bridge the gap between the demands of modern/industry standards AND those of us who prefer more physical/analog early Childhood experience.

Any other questions, contact me personally!!



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