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Materials for spring

We will be doing animal themes this year.

first pet

then farm

then around the world/zoo


i have a list of the books appropriate for the current theme (it’s a work in progress so bare with me)

if you paid for a season pass, physical materials package is included. If you have a monthly pass, that includes digital access. With Digital access you can do some downloading & printing. And you can always pay for more physical materials if you wish.

instruments bells, then click clacks, rhythm sticks, & wooden instruments are especially nice for this unit

CD’s/Albums- i can order what you need

Hickory Dickory/Mother Goose

Cock-aDoodle/Old MacD

Around the House, Big Red Barm

Pet Parade, On the Farm

Around the Farm,

also available- Fiddle DeeDee, Weather

Books- all are available professionally printed, BUT some can be printed yourself from digital materials. I have some in stock, once they are taken I can order more.

pet books (picture below)

Hickory Dickory (0-2) - available online, board paper, based on a song, has physical movement & sequencing

My Dog Rags (1-3)- available on-line, board or laminated paper, based on a song, has physical movements & sequencing

Pet Parade (1-4)- available on-line, laminated paper, sound exploration (animal & instrument), word & picture association

Can You Catch Me (2-4)- laminated paper, based on an a chase & hide game, physical movement & exploring, includes comic & a maze activity

Hurry Home Little Kitten (3-5)- large laminated; a more complex story with sound, weather, & activity exploration; uses the classic song "Funiculì, Funiculà"

animal variety

Animal Serenade

The quietest Instrument

Tippity Tippity Too (2-5)- available on-line, available in several papers, used with find & seek game, animal names & pictures, encourages rhyming & phonetic awareness,

farm animal books (see below)

Cock-a-doodle (0-2)- available on-line, board book, based on a poem used in Kindermusik, animal pictures & sounds, place for baby’s picture at end

Big Red Barn (1-3)- available on-line, board & laminated paper, based on a song, sound & call and response exploration

This Little Piggy

Cows in the Kitchen

Activities can be accessed online, downloaded from on-line, OR there are some professionally printed theme books and activity play sets available. Extra for Hickory Dickory, Cock-a-doodle, Fiddle DeeDee, and Weather books & kits.

then later for summer we’ll be doing

zoo & traveling around the world themes

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