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May’s themes & AtHome

Updated: 5 days ago

May is a transitional month for spring to summer- it's time for makeups for Spring families and free early enrollment for Summer families.

We'll be doing farm themes this year

Here's a quick piece of music for all!! Move, clap, foot stomp while the crops grow...

books & music you can access with the kindermusik app (for those enrolled in a particular Level) below...

For Foundations class streaming

Old MacDonald album or Cook-a-Doodle Moo albums & the Cook-a-doodle moo book

For instrument choose rainshaker or triangle shaker

Level 1 & mixed age L1 streaming

Big Red Barm album and I went to Visit the Farm book or the Piggy Played the Fiddle book

Instruments possible include shape shakers or mini tambourine

Level 2 & mixed age L2 streaming

Colors & Shapes on Farm album, extra songs from Fiddle Dee Dee

Jenny Jinkens book, 5 Silly Foats book, and for an extra book at This Piggy Played the Fiddle

Instrument possibles include shape shakers, mini tambourine, sand blocks

Level 3 and mixed age L3 Streaming

Around the Farm album,

Cows in the Kitchen book

Instrument possibles include sand blocks, regular tambourine (also in stock harmonicas & stir Xylophones)

Level 4&5 Streaming

Jumping Beans album

A Quieter Instrument book

And I have a mini plastic panpipe instrument or a tambourine

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