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May&Summer info, currently attending families

Updated: May 1, 2022

Please let me know your summer intentions so I can plan accordingly…

makeups, summer dates/enrollment, taking a break, or disenrollment.

All current & past families can do makeups this month ( May). Summer May-Aug (see schedule post for open & closed weeks).

Current families can also get prorated or single month summer passes.

contact me personally with your plans so I can send you individualized link.

Kindermusik‘s limited time summer offer….

download all existing digital music, books, activities. I encourage all families to do this!!

link for how to get on, access, download.

More about summer additions…

I am adding a simplified website and payment system on Kindermusik’s platform. This will streamline my whole registration and enrollment process for everyone! Most things will be the same but there will be some slight changes over time starting with…

*There will be a new 4 month season/term 3 times a year (spring to summer, fall, winter to spring). For the 4 months, there will be 12 in-person class weeks over that 4 months. You will still receive at least one book & instrument for the season/term. (This is pretty much what I have done for the last year and half- I’m just making it official and more clear).

*With the Kindermusik system you will be able to manage your payments, personal info, enrollments, and digital materials from (/studio/53092 & /studio/57639 ) for new families or for existing families. If you prefer I will continue to be able to handle this personally in-person & manually too. *Starting in August you will receive unlimited digital materials for your child’s level. Instead of just certain themes allotted, you will receive access to everything in your child’s age/developmental level. This will include app & website access to music, books, activities, etc. The service is a streaming service and access will be linked to your registration/enrollment.

*I will continue to have physical materials available. You will receive certain materials with your registration (just as before depending on the class and your choice). I will also have a lending library for a variety of Kindermusik materials… books, scores, play sets, CD’s.

*Payment system. This summer I will have both the Kindermusik system and my old PayPal system. The Kindermusik system is more streamlined and easier! For the 4 month period/term/season you will be able to pay in full upfront for a discount (as always) or an auto pay monthly price. The 12 weeks will be spread out over 4 monthly payments. Note: this will make the monthly payments will look smaller but actually the total payments for how many weeks of classes will remain the same.

Some questions answered…

*What happens if I take a break or dis-enroll??

Starting in August you will receive a best of and favorites album on your account to keep. You will keep your received physical books & instruments. When you dis-enroll you will loose your unlimited streaming access. However I will have a new option of joining a special digital access group to continue to have access to Kindermusik’s streaming & my zoom room while you are on break or moving.

*What happens when the studio is closed for holidays or illness with materials & pricing?

Through the end of the 2022, I will make sure enrolled families will continue to have access to Kindermusik’s streaming and my Studio media during closures (scheduled or otherwise) with current pricing. My intention is to keep pricing the same for 2023 winter spring if at all possible. But fair warning my costs are increasing and after April 2023 I may have to increase pricing to continue current access and materials.

*Will you continue to have DiscoveryMeadowStudio website and PayPal payment system??

I will through at least September 2022. I have not made this decision yet however at minimum, I expect to keep my PayPal account for personalized, drop, & in-person payment.

*What about registration forms?? First everyone who is already registered I have manually imported your info into the new system- everything except the picture release . For new registrations I currently still have paper forms (inperson or downloadable from DiscoveryMeadowStudio website). For new registrations, I am working on a on-line registration and picture release form which will be done soon.

Add more questions to comment section…

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