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Meet Nora

meet Nora Escobedo-Gustafson

Nora was licensed in KI in 2017 and taught for several years in PA before moving back to TX. She has been teaching KindermusikbySally both for the babies and toddlers on Mondays in NewBraunfels since Winter.

in her own words...

Kindermusik began for me after a lifelong study of music, theatre, & dance. After graduating from the North East School of the Arts close by in San Antonio, I ventured to Columbia College Chicago to get my degree in Musical Theatre while also minoring in Arts In Healthcare. It was during my college years that I began working closely with children, studying childhood psychology, teaching artistry, and the creative/expressive arts therapies. Kindermusik & all the developmental benefits it provides for children was a welcome discovery for an enthusiastic post grad and it still brings me delight to share it with families year after year. When we begin class singing hello I feel peaceful knowing that the bricks laid in class are building a strong foundation for life.

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