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  • Sally Dancy

Moms, Dads, all Caregivers ur💜’d

For all those who care for little ones... We appreciate you! And we know it's hard being a caregiver.

We welcome caregivers all!

My own husband would bring our children to class when I first became an educator (as I had to wear the teacher hat). I know from his experience that Dads can feel tentative about activities for littles and their place in them. Dads, Moms, Grands, Nannies, all caregivers need a community that welcomes and supports their journey. Dads and ALL caregivers are welcome at KindermusikbySally.

Sometimes special days can be hard when we've lost a loved one or feel left out or unappreciated. For all those who find these days hard- you are seen and respected and deserve space for your feelings.

Special notes to all who nurture... parents of all kinds, grands, moms, dads, nannies, foster, others all

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