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Updated: Apr 14, 2021

In Kindermusik we celebrate the diversity of our world. From different cultural perspectives, to different ways of learning & thinking, to different ways of moving... music is there for us all.

Neuro diversity is another part of the beauty of humanity that we celebrate atDiscoveryMeadowStudio. Neuro diversity is a personal focus for me because of my family’s history with learning and mental diversity.

So we share #autismawareness #autisnacceptance for my family, for my students & their families, for teaching, for science, for our beautifully diverse world...

Check out some ways you can share awareness of neuro diversity with your children

All diversity is important. So we also honor...

Parenting diversity

Cultural & Racial diversity

Ability diversity

Language diversity

and so much more.

More over I honor everyone’s individual needs and expression. I try to provide space and opportunity for individual expression. Through song & activity improvisation, we welcome your ideas inspired by your own experiences. And many songs and activities in Kindermusik can be used to highlight your individual needs and experiences. This includes those celebrating religious and cultural holidays— Even though I rarely do specific holiday celebrations, I often do general celebrations and encourage sharing. You are always welcome to share your life and experiences as we respect each other/all others.

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