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Harvest&Home AtHome

Updated: Oct 29

As the Holiday season approaches we have a variety of new activities that we'll explore in class and extensions for you to do at home.

For October we'll start with a variety of animals we might find around our homes

At the end of Oct- Begining of Nov begins we will explore homes for animals and for us

As we move into December we'll do food & fun

Remember to pick up paper fliers & craft supplies in class with ideas on AtHome activities & ways to integrate our music & activities AtHome

Look around at what you might find in the trees, ground, all around. Just a few pictures from the studio to inspire your search at home.

Check out these books & albums on your account access (remember if you feel the book library available is either too young or too old please contact me and I can switch your library level)...

For Foundations (0-18months)

albums: Nature Walk & BlueBird & Music Makes myDay & BusyDays

Books: Birds of a Feather, The Rhythm of My Day

Level 1 (including mixed age 0-2)

Albums: BigBackYard, Wiggle&Giggles

Books: Watch Me, In My SandBox, Peekaboo

Level2 (including mixed age 1-3 & 2-4)

Albums: Wiggle&Giggle, Down on Ground

Books: Watch Me, Listening Walk, House

For Level 3 & mixedage 2-5.

Albums: See what I saw, In My Garden, Home Sweet Home

Books: TreeHouse, A House, Sweat Pea, Ant Picnic

For Level 4 and Mixed 3&4 (without parents).

Albums: See what I Saw, Sounds Abound, Giggles, Rhythm of the Land

Books: TreeHouse, Peddle Push

Level 5 will have weekly AtHome Lesson sheets with music listening, activities, and books/stories often from the world of the Arts like Folk stories/songs Cumberland Mountain, Little Feather

Here are my personal recommendations to enrich your AtHome media consumption this month (see disclosure note at end) ...

Classical or Folk: this month we are focusing on Amfolk from different AmTribes, Appalachia (which is a mix of AfricanAm, British Isles, Other), Mexican, German, Zydeco (mix of French, AfricanAm, AmTribe)

Modern musical classics: John Williams

Current Bands/musicians: 3 new artists/bands that are folk & modern are... Rodrigo y Gabriela, Jon Batiste, Rhianna Giddens

For any/all movies & theater make sure they are appropriate for your family/POV- having said this my recommendations are...

Family friendly theater/musicals/ballet: Swan Lake, Into the Woods

Modern kids/anamated movies: Coco, Princess Frog

Classic family movies: Wizard of Oz,

Others movie but with note... *Harry Potter, *Nightmare Before Christmas

*disclosure note: Everyone has different tastes & values so before sharing with your child make sure you check it out first- I do try to warn if there is language or theme concerns to consider. The Halloween/Harvest season themes can be especially diverse and carry strong opinions- I respect everyone's right to make media decisions for their own family 🙂🫂

Some Halloween specific activites for AtHome from Kindermusik International


In mid Nov look for another post for final AtHome ideas for the term

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