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New policies for New Situations

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

OK, so I’m finally starting IN-PERSON classes and will be continuing virtual. There will be some new stuff to deal with so I’ve been working on compiling it here. It’s a work in progress and will be adding throughout this month as we refine the experience. And throughout the season I will provide updates on the blog, social media, eventually the website‘s regular pages will be updated for the future regarding in-person, outside, inside, and virtual classes. Here‘s where we’ll start...

pictured here is an example of what many other studios are doing successfully for in-person (special thanks to KindermusikwithMissMolly for sharing). We’ll use it as a place to start, a template BUT my specifics which you can see below the pic may differ a bit.

Here is how classes will look at MY studio...

At first and likely through all of fall2020 in-person classes will be outside (In-side still on hold).

Family classes will be 45min-1hour

Lesson prep classes will be 1-2 hours depending on age. Included will be music, movement, crafts, exploring outside so dress appropriately (more on appropriate needs for outside below).

Right now I’m planning on doing the circle time for classes in the courtyard under the trees and gated. I also have my meadow, tree forest, fire pit that I can use depending on the theme, activity.   I have set the limit at no more than 6 families for the courtyard classes.


*I will have a sink outside with soap, water, paper towels for washing hands before & after class. *Encouraging everyone over 2yo to bring a mask but obviously I‘m understanding & flexible with children both because of age & need & situation. We will be practicing & normalizing the process of regular use over age 3. Under 2 no mask use, 2&3 have one available, over 3 encouraged to wear but flexible/understanding, for over 5 required to try (with reminders, some exception). Masks will be required for adults (and encouraged for over 3) for any/all close contact outside your family (anytime possibly within 6 feet of other family like common areas, entries, as we’re moving/exploring around). *I will have/wear a mask & shield. This is precautionary because I will be singing loudly, so everyone can feel comfortable, and just in case at anytime I come within 6 feet of children/family. I will also if needed use a microphone so everyone can hear me.

*also available if needed/asked for... At-a-distance thermometer, gloves of different sizes, anti-bacterial, wipes. *cleaning procedure synopsis...Everything will be cleaned and sanitized between each class/family use- when I clean I use CDC approved cleaners and I wear a mask and gloves while doing so.

FOR FAMILY Classes we’ll have individual areas with a separate mat, blanket, and set of instruments for each family. IF you prefer you can bring your own instruments, mats, blanket, objects back & forth. Each family’s mat is their safe zone (mask can come off, so please try to be aware of others comfort level and stay clear of another family’a mat). I’ll even have some instrument packages to purchase if you‘d like- multiple instrument packages will be available (see the separate blog post about materials available for more information).

FOR Small Group LESSONS we’ll have a desk, container for personals, and a set of class materials for each. For lesson classes we encourage each child to remember & bring their own totes, papers, & instruments (If they already have them). Included with in-person small group lessons is a separate package of materials that children/families use in class & at home - it is particularly important to remember to bring those to class each week right now.

**note: outside environment/weather**

Weather, Bugs, wildlife, plants, dirt/mud will also be around. Wear or have available appropriate items for the situation/day... clothes that can get dirty, shoes, boots, hat, jacket, umbrella, sunscreen, bug spray. My studio space and our cars will be available in emergencies. But for normal sun or sprinkles i’m looking into having some kind of covers (easyups or beach/sun shades). If it’s a stormy day we’ll cancel outside- if we cancel an hour a of time, I’ll schedule a virtual at the same time instead, if it’s short notice you can come to another time to makeup... on the regular outdoor or virtual schedule.

mask & working gate

**More notes**

I can/will use the circular drive for drive-in class if needed for health/safety.

I will also have separate virtual classes every week available. Also if the weather is bad I will have virtual option at outside times if canceled before class time and until we can use inside studio.

I‘m working on preparing for in-person inside classes. As of now Faith church in NB is still closed- I keep in touch with the facility. My studio needs upgrading for safe in-door use for current health & safety- i will try to keep everyone updated on our progress.

check the separate post for more info on virtual including tips, procedures, safety procedures

I will edit and add to this post over the next couple of weeks.

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