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Summer options

Updated: May 29, 2020

Love your feedback.  I will be having 2 Parent meetings Friday 29th noon & 8pm (contact us for a link).  But if you’d rather you can also email, text, call- whatever’s best for you.

Our Studio will continue weekly virtual classes; We’ll add adapted in-person events when possible;  We’ll provide you with options to use your existing studio credit or new funds to buy physical books, instruments, & CDs  from my current inventory (I will be posting pictures and sending links to text numbers this weekend and have several options for pick up).  Also don’t forget the new Kindermusik phone/tablet app (let me know if you need instructions)! 

Our hope is that in the future we’ll be able to have more and more in-person services.  Right now with the ever evolving situation it’s difficult if not impossible to provide long term guarantees —and we know that everyone must make the choices that they feel are right for their families.  Nora and I have come up with some options we feel we can offer.  Your feedback will help us create a finalized schedule for this summer.

We want to adapt & be flexible through this time while providing a measure of safety.  Below you’ll find a list of things we can do (1st class options, 2nd virtual schedule, 3rd safety precautions) … please let us know what & when you’d be interested and any feedback. 

1st class options

  • Drive-in/car events. Would be mixed-age.  Nora & I would lead a class from the parking area while each family stayed in their car. We think evenings would be best for this option.   

  • Outside events with lots of spacing & special safety precautions.  Could be young or old mixed-age. We would lead a class in the meadow or courtyard.   We think mornings (early mornings) would be best.  

  • A special Graduation camp for the Young Child class (mix of inside & outside depending on situation).  Most likely in July or Aug. 

  • Another potential in-person in-side class would be a none mobile Baby class.

  • Virtual weekly classes.  These would be regular and maybe for weather cancelations for some outdoor.  We are looking into increasing the sound and picture quality of the virtual experience- share any concerns/problems you’ve been having.  There are a variety of current & past summer patterns we’ve noticed- consequently schedule will change.  We would like to combine or change day/times on some classes for the Summer. Next list will be the Virtual class options

2nd Virtual schedule.  No Monday and limited Friday for Summer.  Please let us know which of the following you’d be interested in.

  • Tuesday possibilities include… Noon baby class; 4pm older mixed age or 5:30pmolder mixed age

  • Wednesday we are planning on continue the current Noon baby class;  4pm mixed age class; and  5:30pm 0-2mixed-age.  However if you plan on dropping out of any of these classes please let us know.

  • Thursday possibilities include… a morning younger mixed-age; and a 5:30pm older mixed age 

3rd  Safety precautions during this time-- I have agonized over this.  If guidance changes so may our policies.  All of these are with the understanding that we treat each child with compassion, development, and as an individual.  

You will notice I have not listed touching. I believe for the littles it will be impossible to completely keep them from touching others or their face or keep proper spacing.  We will still  try to limit it outside the family group as much as possible. And I will encourage spacing and ‘virtual’ touching .  But any situation with small children must include the understanding of their developmental needs and limits.  It’s one of the reasons for wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer for in-person activities.

  • Small sized groups & rsvp required.

  • We will not share any food or drinks.  We will not have our snack/sticker basket out.

  • We will ask everyone to either wash hands at the outdoor sink or use hand sanitizer before & after each class.  As always there will be hand sanitizer & soap/water wipes available during class whether outside or inside.

  • If attending child/adult have any sign of illness we ask that you choose a virtual class/to stay home/to go home… this will include any coughing, fever, stomach upset, rash.  We (teachers/staff) will also follow these rules.  I understand how this is limiting.  This is why we will continue virtual weekly classes even after we can have in-person.

  • Masks & shields for teachers; parents; older children.  When and for whom will depend on age, and whether spacing can be guaranteed.  No masks will be required for the ‘Drive-in’ activities (although teachers will probably choose to wear one).   And no masks for any child under 2 in any activities.  For any inside or close (within 6 feet) interaction we ask… parents to wear masks, older children 5& older to wear masks, encourage but understanding for 2-5 year olds. 

  • Keeping in-class materials separate and disinfected.  We have several possible options we’d like your feedback on…..we could use our regular class materials but disinfect then keep them separate OR let you bring your own supplies OR offer packets from KI that can be bought & kept by the family.

  • If and when in-person/in-side classes take place we will have new waivers and illness policy based on the situation & guidelines at the time.

A few last notes.  It will take time and money to gather the new supplies needed in this new situation for many in-person activities- thank you for your patience as we try to fit this puzzle together.  We will NOT dis enroll another who is unable to pay this summer- if you are able and would like to help another (and us) we have a donation option. For any more info on account balance options please see blog post on it.

We love our community- for more on community support see post on it.

We welcome your feedback and thank you.  Nora and I thank you for your continued support and hope to see you soon. 

With Hope and Creativity, Sally

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