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New School Year Plan

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Winter 2022 will continue as advertise…

10-12 weeks from January 10th to March 25 or a later date if we have to postpone any class. Mickey FunHouse Event in January

Presentation in late Feb-Mar

WildFlower Meadow Events in March/April

Class Schedule

in NewBraunfels

9:15am baby L0-1

10:30am mixedage L2&3

In Cibolo classes will be available

Monday 5pm mixedage family L1

Tuesdays 3:45pm small group Level 3&4

Tuesdays 5pm small group Level 5

Wednesday 10am mixedage family L1

Wednesday 4:30pm small group L3-5

Thursday 10am mixed age family L3

Thursday 11:30am baby LFoundations

Thursday 6pm mixedage Level2&3

At the end of the Winter season I will be changing how I organize the year for KindermusikbySally atDiscoveryMeadowStudio.

New Presentation & event times

I will be moving Presentations for lessons to early March (before spring break) and early November before Thanksgiving. With possible summer one in late June.

Wildflower Meadow event in March

Summer events very

Forest, Drums, Fire in Oct-Nov

Holiday Special in December

Winter event in January

New School Year Schedule - 2022-23 (and beyond)

Spring 2022 will be late April- May (this year April 25th - May20th)

Summer will be separated into 1 or 2, 4 week sessions

4 week early summer in June (this year June 6-30)

4 week late summer late July early Aug (this year July 11-Aug 12)

Fall will be 12 weeks with a break for Thanksgiving (Sept12-Dec9)

Holiday Break will be longer

2023 Winter& Spring will also be 12 weeks with longer breaks for Easter & Memorial Day (January 16-May19th)

This will reduce my year to 32 weeks (or 28 depending on summer) and can be broken up by individual 4 week month/sessions OR 3 month season/sessions. These changes will stay unless I can recruit a partner or collaborate with another studio owner.

Payments, Credits.

Families will be able to pay with membership auto pay per 4 weeks OR an upfront pass for any 3 months (3, 4 week sessions). The membership would be automatically adjusted for times when the studio is closed.

Most of the year there will be a 2 month minimum but in the summer families will be able to purchase a single month/session.

you can see the payment break down on this page

I will keep my policy on makeups and credits the same- unlimited while registered. Because I want to be as flexible as possible through the pandemic, if you miss more than a few classes with illness I will work with you for makeups or credit. I will honor any pandemic credits for at least a year (normally credits time out after a year but again I want to be as flexible as possible). With your credits I will make adjustments to pass fees, additional physical materials, even private classes/lessons (subject to schedule availability). Contact me personally for specifics about your personal account and to set up either a season long spot or a space available list.

Trial Specials, one month/4 week session, or materials packages. Trials are usually in the summer but can be other times of year- this year I’ll have one in the spring as well. with them you can attend classes for upto 4 in person weeks and includes digital access (app & computer) and sometimes physical package. You can also choose a materials package where you can choose from a variety of AtHome support & materials- digital access & support, physical books, instruments, themed crafts, etc. For a spot in class to be held past the month you must make arraignments for either the pass or automatic membership Or be put on space available list. Fee will depend on age group/Level. (these can also be seen on the above link)

Discontinue Enrollment and Contact. Dis enrollment requires a month notice (you can also just let your pass expire but we do request that you notify us of intention when It expires). If you request a Refund, it will be calculated based on dis enrollment notice, classes upto notice and the month past, all materials received both physical & digital- all materials will be yours to keep.

For those who want to dis continue contact with the studio. Please email, text, messenger me with one of the following requests…

*request/please take me off your seasonal list

*request/please remove my contact information altogether

note: if I remove your contact information from my records all together then I will not contact you for any reason unless you contact me. Any credits left will expire a year later. I wish you well in your future.❤️

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