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NewBraunfels classes

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

It’s official, I will be starting classes in NewBraunfels on July 13th, Tuesday. The 13th will be a 10:30am mixedage/allage class for any registered families so we can get settled in. After we smooth out the bumps on the 13th, I will open the Tuesday class up to new registrations. As registrations increase I’ll be able to add level specific classes.

NOTE: this was my first attempt at scheduling in June. Please check more recent posts for more recent additions to the schedule.

*10:30am for mixedage/all age starting now!

If you’d like me to hold a spot for you, let me know ASAP.

here is a link with more detailed directions to Faith church


Most of the health & safety policies will be the same with a few tweaks (remember we need to respect the guidelines of our facility hosts)….

*The inside set up- we’ll use mats for the family zones like we did for the outside classes. There will be soap & water and hand jell for hand washing.

*Class size will be limited - specifics will depend on the numbers but as of right now maximum of 5/6 families (depending on size of families).

*Each mat will be a family’s personal “safe zone”. There you can decide your own social distancing boundaries - we ask that everyone respect each other’s personal choice in boundaries. You are welcome to stay on the mat or interact off the mat in the communal space with other families per your own comfort level. *Masks will be required inside by everyone 5 & older. Adults do need to wear a mask inside. Children between 3-5 will be encouraged to have a mask but it’s Parent choice. No masks for 2&under. (For more information on why we are still using masks see the health&safety blog post from earlier in the summer).

*Each family will have a box of cleaned instruments/objects separated into a box. we encourage instrument sharing only within your own family/play bubble. And if I pass out any objects, I will clean my hands before.

As always we respect each families individuality. However to have a class we do have to make some agreements to respect each other’s limits and to interact as a group with curtain guidelines. Here is a picture reminder of the agreements to respect each other for KindermusikbySally Kindermusik class

Although I did update these for our current situation, I have had detailed protocols for years! And being human we have had occasional illness/outbreaks over those years. So I do ask that the studio be contacted if any family comes down with any highly contagious illness… including Hand/Foot/Mouth, RSV, Chicken Pox, Flu, Covid-19, or other…. this helps us be vigilant and make choices for safety. You can see my detailed protocols here…


Adding some pictures of what the sign at the door looks like and what the inside looks like

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