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Nov-Dec AtHome Activities

Kindermusik is not just a play date, or weekly class. It's a curriculum with support systems for home!! In this post below see the activities -many from KI, some of my own creation- I have provided this month. (For music albums, books, & instrument suggestions see seporate seasonal post).

I provided arts & crafts inspired by the curriculum and season (you can do these at the studio OR as inspiration at home)...

For all ages over 6 months

•a variety of "cookie" & biscuits decorating with a variety options for different age groups & needs.

•making & decorating shapes with edibles or bells & beads

And for older children making

• a studio tree

•"hobby" or pretend horses

take home sheets with parenting tips on development and activities to try at home...

For babies...

For young toddlers (1-2)

Toddlers-PreK (2-3)

For PreK to K (3-5)

Games from our studio library...

Rremember to check out the new games and activities on the Kindermusik APP...

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