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Preview Older PreK-K classes

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Contact me by email or text (scroll to bottom) to arrange for a free preview and information on our special classes for

Special older family classes, Lesson Groups, & Homeachool groups.

These class are designed for children over 3.

We explore music, movement, story telling (pretend play, books, theater, art/craft). We explore instruments from around the world including string, wind, percussion, and keyboard.

We also teach musical concepts, language and skill development appropriate to the Level. Contact me for more info about...

Level3 (3-5yos) with caregiver Wednesday 6pm in Cibolo

Level3 (3-5yos) with caregiver Thursday 10:30am in Cibolo

Level 2&3 (1-4yos) with caregivers Tuesdays 10:30am in NewBraunfels

Looking to add a Level3 (3 & over) with caregivers Tue 5:30pm (waiting on interest & location confirmation)

Level 4 (4-6yos) Tuesdays 3:30pm in ??right now this class is in Cibolo but working on moving it to NB (waiting on confirmation from location)

Level 4 (4-6yos) Wednesdays 4pm in Cibolo

Level4 & 5 (5-7yos) please contact me for possible day/times (possible day times for homeschool groups vary- include early afternoon on Thursdays).

Contact me to RSVP for one free visit to any of our group classes



Note to add: free previews are just while we have extra space available in these classes.

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