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Policy tweaks/text signups

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Time changes things and our studio is no different. With Kindermusik Internationals changes, larger class numbers, and new tools there are some policy tweaks I need to make sure everyone knows. For •Contacting through email & text, •terms & pass access, •websites, blog, registration Please see below…

•How I will contact families (emails & texts& Other messages).

Although I can contact you personally by your choice (text, email, message, or call), I will need to start to use an automated system for mass notifications like reminders, weather, illness cancellations. Other important information about a whole class or studio- please keep your account info on my.kindermusik updated!! I will send emails to the email you have used on your registration. If you’d like reminders or emergency cancellation notifications via text you will need to do the following… toggle on the “text message” toggle on your kindermusik account. The system will NOT sell your emails or texts and you will only receive notifications from me/my studio and Kindermusik. Texts are particularly important since I use them for quick notifications in emergencies. If you do not do this then you will have to check my blog, social media, email for notification of illness, weather, reminders on class day/time changes. (See step-by-Step post to see how to access your account)

•Term’s (pass time periods) & what’s included. I will be replacing 'seasons' (fall, spring, winter, summer) with the word 'term' for passes & time periods. I will organize my year into terms that last 4 months- you can still join anytime as the online enrollment system will automatically prorate. The terms will include: 4 months of digital access, one physical book & instrument to take home, and access to my studio, supplies, library, in-person classes. During the Fall (Sept-Dec) And winter-spring terms (Jan-April) I will provide 12 weeks of in-person classes through the 4 months. The spring-summer term will have the flexibility to choose between 4 week in-person terms OR a full 4month access term (with 4 months of digital access and as many in-person classes as possible - usually 12 inperson classes over the summer months May-Sept).

•Websites & digital posting.

For class lists, calendar specifics, registration, basic info

To update your info, signup for text message notifications, access music & books

For notifications & blog posts (You can also get more detailed or general Studio information from this site though the pull down menu)

Private Facebook group for registered

Note: I also have accounts on…


(Public & messenger) Kindermusik by Sally at Discovery Meadow Studio

(Private for those registered in classes , must list the class you are registered for) Kindermusikbysally Community

Instagram&TikTok @kindermusikbysally

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