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Prepare for Virtual class

we are embracing the opportunity to come into your home and connect. To help with this new situation we have some suggestions and some helps. Detail

written below...

  • Define a space for Kindermusik in your home.  It helps to clear that space of as many distractions as possible before beginning class.  DO have the materials we suggest for class available in the space. (More on materials further below.)

  • Prepare you children by reminding them about class throughout the morning. Ex: “We are going to do Kindermusik at home today!” “After breakfast we are going to get ready for Kindermusik time.” “Let’s get ready to say hi to all our Kindermusik friends!”

  • make sure Zoom is downloaded; use your name And your child’s first name for the name; have the meeting code & password (it’s listed at the end of the email); 2 settings that will be helpful- mute (to mute yourself) & speaker view (to see a big picture of the teacher)

  • Whole family is welcome for all Parent/Child classes.  Babies and toddlers DON’T need to focus on the screen.  Instead just make sure they are engaged with you or a family member.  You are their most important teacher!  They will thrive off your full attention & engagement during class.  You however

  • Older children in family classes or in Student/Teacher classes  WILL be engaged by the teacher & other kids on the screen- that’s normal and even healthy social interaction at this time😉

  • Remember this is new for all of us. It will take time for all of us to adjust to our new normal, especially the children.

  • The #1 goal for Kindermusik in person and virtually, is connection. Social distancing doesn’t have to come in the way of that!

**for any virtual class, for that matter to just explore music at home we suggest you have or use materials on hand- dishtowel or scarf or any piece of fabric , homemade instruments like a container for a drum, or things that shake like a container filled with something, a toy or pieces dangling from a rope or ring, your favorite kindermusik instrument

***specifically for April 12-20 we have several ideas for made/found instruments. 

•Sanitized car keys/toy keys/substitute with something that jingles

•Laundry basket with rope/blanket/towel for a ride


•Any instrument homemade, or otherwise that you have on hand

A fun idea for a homemade instrument that you and your child can make together is a toilet paper roll shaker- as seen in the photo below

1. Gather toilet paper roll, tape, & rice/beans/etc.

2. Pinch & tape one end.

3. Fill 1/3 of roll with rice/beans.

4. Pinch & tape other end of roll perpendicular to the first end.

5. Decorate(optional).

Parents, in case you don’t have one, another craft idea is a safety mask as seen in the photo below:

  1. Gather scissors, clean sock, & coffee filter

  2. Cut the toe & the heel off of the sock

  3. Make a cut on each edge of the sock about halfway in

  4. Neatly fold the coffee filter

  5. Insert coffee filter into sock

  6. Place each hoop around your ear & voila!

The C.D.C. advises that face masks should not be worn by children under 2 years of age or by anyone that has trouble breathing. Babies should NEVER wear a face mask.

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